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Eligibility Requirement: The nominee must be a current registered Griffith College student.

Thank you for your interest in running for a position in the Griffith College Student Union! Please review the following information carefully before submitting your nomination.

Positions Available:

  • President (Full-time sabbatical role) -Only candidates in their last semester of study or students taking a year break are eligible.

  • Vice Presidents (Part-time role): ​

    • Vice President Education (Dublin) - Only Dublin students

    • Vice President Entertainment (Dublin) - Only Dublin students 

    • Vice President (Limerick) - Only Limerick students

    • Vice President (Cork) - Only Cork students 

Nomination Deadline: April 8th

To nominate yourself for a position in the Student Union, please fill in the form below by the specified deadline.

For further queries please email :

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